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Many schools talk about how they help their graduates find new careers. At Brensten Education, we let our graduate success stories speak for us. Take some time to read about the real people who turned their lives around with our straightforward, accelerated approach to training. Many of these individuals came to Brensten Education with very little computer knowledge or technical experience. If they can transform their lives and achieve career success, so can you!

Just think, in as little as 10 months, we could be sharing your story as an inspiration to others. Contact Brensten Education to learn how we can help you write your story of success!
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  • MTA: Network Fundamentals
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Career Development
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Description : Brensten┬ágrads ÔÇô the true measure of our success

“Thanks to help from Career Services and the job placement assistance, I found the perfect jobÔǪWithout Brensten Education, I wouldÔÇÖve been stuck at a dead end job.”
Scott Burish


“I have a lot more opportunity to grow in my new job and the benefits are great! I pretty much owe all of this to Brensten Education.”
Brad Blicharz
“I was working 70 hours a week while attending school at Brensten Education. There were many times I wanted out, but the instructors here were so involved that they offered me any type of support I needed, 24-7. I’m now able to work one job and make ends meet. It’s just been a complete turn-around.”
Megan Foshee
“Brensten Education has changed my life! I have self confidence and I wake up everyday wanting to go to work, which wasn’t there before.”
Kevin Griffith
“I’ve done a complete 180! Brensten Education has changed my life because it’s given me the opportunities I’ve only dreamed of. Without Brensten, I wouldnÔÇÖt have been able to grow as an individual, as well as a professional.”
Ric Monteen
“I currently work at a Help Desk and I love my position. I’m challenged at work, enjoy going to work and it’s all directly related to coming to Brensten Education. I’m making more money and I have so many more options with where I want go. I look forward to advancing my career and Brensten Education has enabled me to do this.”
Anne Blecke
“I enjoyed being a Nursing Assistant, but I always thought to myself ‘There’s just got to be something better.’ That’s when I joined Brensten Education. Thanks to help from Brensten Education my income considerably jumped higher, with better benefits. Brensten Education has really made my life so much better.”
Brian Wilkinson
“I was working as an independent sales agent selling vacuum cleaners door to door. Sometimes I would work 40 hours a week and wasn’t guaranteed a paycheck. I absolutely love my new job and I’m making more money than IÔÇÖve ever made in my life.”
James Pettway-Burroughs