Brensten Students: 3 Apps for Increased Efficiency and Productivity

If the ever-changing world of IT or Digital Media intrigues you, you are undoubtedly aware of the thousands upon thousands of apps available for your mobile device and personal computer. These apps offer countless options for entertainment; however there are several apps, tools and websites available to help you prioritize and execute a plan to get all those tasks and assignments knocked out. Tools for efficiency will not only benefit your schoolwork, it will also prepare you for the workforce with knowledge and know-how with tips to successfully manage your time and increase productivity!

Available on your mobile device, computer or tablet, the below tools can help maximize your productivity:

LastPass Between your student passwords, online bill-pay interfaces and passwords for email, your head is probably full of usernames and logins. It is nearly impossible to keep everything straight! However, LastPass is a great tool for the safe storing of all your usernames and passwords for the various accounts that you manage. Creating a secure username and password is also vital to protecting your identity and safety online, and one of the great features of LastPass is the ability for the site to generate SAFE and unique usernames and passwords for you! Rather than racking your brain and scouring old emails for login credentials, save time and energy by using this all-in-one password keeper! Cost: This is a free download, and should you choose to upgrade to a premium version, the cost is only $1 a month!

Flipboard This app is wonderful for those multi-taskers out there! Flipboard brings all of your social media accounts front and center, and puts them in an easily accessible and viewable board on your phone. Flipboard will also […]

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Why Follow-Up is Important, and How to Do it Right!

YouÔÇÖve sent your resume to the necessary people, you shined in the interview. So now what? Following up is vital to showing a potential employer that you are serious about landing the job. Regardless of whether you simply sent in a resume or if you had an in-person interview, you following up is indicative of your seriousness and interest level in the position. Below are tips on how to follow up the RIGHT way to land that job!

Be professional, not overbearing.

Employers will appreciate your interest in the position, but will likely be turned off if you are overly persistent and not respectful of their time. When following up, remember to always be patient first, persistent second! Etiquette-wise it is polite to wait about one week from your interview before you reach out and follow up. We live in a digital world, so a digital follow up is a great way to reach your interviewer, and they will be more likely to take the time to respond to your e-mail versus taking the time out to call you back. The easier you make it to reach you, the better your chances are of being in the running for the job. Tip: Sending a thank you note after your job interview is a nice touch and a great way to set yourself apart from the rest.

Ask the right questions.

In your follow up e-mail, do not simply ask the interviewer if they received your resume or had time to review your information post-interview. Asking these questions will only lead to yes or no answers, and you want to keep them engaged as much as you can. Be sure to express your appreciation of their time, […]

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Why Network Administration?

There are many reasons to pursue your degree from Brensten Education. Not only is furthering your education a great way to better the lives of you and your family, you have the potential to not only advance your career, but your salary as well.

The HelpDesk and Network Administration program at Brensten Education will provide you with the educational fundamentals to understand computer hardware, troubleshoot systems in the public or private sector or work in-depth with clients and organizationÔÇÖs operating systems and software. Good news to students interested in the program, employment of network and computer systems administrators is expected to grow 28 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations. (Information according to The demand for such careers will only continue to grow as new technologies emerge and organizations seek new and advanced operating systems. Brensten Education students will not only receive a quality education, the information and experience you gather will be relevant to an in-demand career!

Another benefit of pursuing the HelpDesk and Network Administration program is that this program prepares you for a career in a variety of settings. Do you envision setting your own schedule? With your IT certifications from Brensten Education, you may desire to work on a contract basis for several companies, allowing you increased flexibility. If you prefer a more structured work environment, a full-time job opportunity working as an organizationÔÇÖs IT professional may be more up your alley.

What can I expect as a Network Administrator?

Depending upon your work in a public or private sector, contract work or full-time, your day-to-day job duties will include the operation, updating and managing of computers and networks. Network Administrators are […]

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Tips to Balance School and Work

Making the choice to go back to school and pursue your education is an important decision, and one that will undoubtedly require motivation and sacrifice on your behalf. Many students work full or part-time while earning their degree and finding ways to juggle various responsibilities can be tricky. Below are tips to achieve balance between school and work:

Create a schedule with deadlines – A great way to stay on track throughout your week is by creating a schedule. Map out your week on Sunday evening and prioritize the weekÔÇÖs events by order of importance and by deadline. Outlining your upcoming week will undoubtedly give you peace of mind, and a greater sense of what you can realistically accomplish within you week.

De-Stress! - Between work stresses and project deadlines, you are bound to feel stressed at some point. Rather than letting the stress overcome you, be proactive! A great way to deter stress is to avoid over-committing yourself throughout the week. Between homework and work, deadlines will pile up. Be realistic in your approach! Your social life is an important part of achieving balance between work and school, but there simply might be some weeks where you have to say no to all commitments after class or after work in order to stay ahead of your workload. You will thank yourself later when all your deadlines are met, and you are able to breathe easier as a result!

Make lists ÔÇô Lists may seem tedious, but they are a great way to stay on top of mounting deadlines. Jotting down a list of your to doÔÇÖs will help you wrap your head around what all is expected of you in a particular day or week. Do […]

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4 Ways to Use Your iPad Productively

Gone are the days of merely using your iPad for games and entertainment, now the iPad offers countless ways to organize, store and aim for a more productive lifestyle.

Below are five tools to maximize your productivity with your tablet:

1.┬á┬á┬á┬á Calendar ÔÇô Unlike your cell phone or day planner, an iPad gives you much more space to view your daily and upcoming events. A great feature is the ability to sync several calendars and view them in one place, keeping your work, school or personal life organized. A simple, yet great feature of the iPad calendar is the ability to view your events by day, week, or by month. You can choose to view the events in list or calendar format for viewing ease.

2.┬á┬á┬á┬á Evernote -┬á Whether you are in a meeting, in class or even making your grocery list Evernote is an amazing app for the taking and storage of your digital notes. An amazing feature of this app is the ability to capture any sort of note (whether it be a picture or website) and save it. Evernote even has the ability to capture audio, which is perfect for note taking while in class! Evernote will store your notes in easily accessible ÔÇ£foldersÔÇØ, and you can search your notes by keyword or image! The best thing about this app- itÔÇÖs free!

3.┬á┬á┬á To Do List ÔÇô Having your to do list on an easy to use and portable device is a great way to ensure your tasks are not only being noted, but accomplished as well. While paper notes can easily get lost in the shuffle, your iPadÔÇÖs to do list is electronic and extremely user-friendly. Your tasks and to doÔÇÖs can even be […]

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5 Important Questions to Ask During Your Interview

Nothing shows your initiative and eagerness in a job interview more than taking the lead and asking questions. At the point in the job interview when your interviewer asks if you have any questions, it is crucial you respond with well thought out questions to show your interest in the organization. Below are five questions that show your interviewer you are passionate about landing the job:

1.     What characteristics or qualities does your company value?

This question will give you an inside look at the various traits that your potential employer values. This is also a great time to reiterate the fact that you embody these various traits, and if it all possible, site examples.

2.     What is the culture like here? Or, can you describe a typical day?

This question is a great way to find out how an organization runs on the day-to-day. The questions will you give insight into the job formality itself. Is this organization casual, or high-pressure? The question ÔÇ£can you describe a typical dayÔÇØ may vary depending on who is answering, but it is great to know right off the bat what is expected of you.

3.     What kind of training in involved?

ItÔÇÖs good to know what typical training is like before you start, as you might be told you have several weeks or no training at all. Whatever the case may be, the more prepared you are, the better!

4.┬á┬á┬á┬á WhatÔÇÖs the next step in the interview process?

Asking this question gives your employer the impression that you are ready to proceed.  This is also a great way to feel out how the interview went! Be sure to ask when and how to follow up, and how the interviewer wishes to be contacted.

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3 Ways to Beef-Up Your Resume

BSE students, is your busy schedule keeping you from re-vamping your resume? Think you simply do not have the time it takes to tailor your resume for the career of your dreams? Think again! Below are three things you may have overlooked in terms of your resume, and ways to incorporate them:

Volunteer – Employers love to see volunteer work on your resume.┬á By volunteering, you show your potential employer that you care about your community, and are a well rounded person.┬á It also shows initiative and passion for helping others. As a bonus, if you are able to volunteer in the field you are pursuing:┬á BSE students, perhaps you are in pursuit of a degree in IT? ┬áOffer to be the on-call IT guy for a non-profit close by. Even if it is unpaid, it is still experience and an employer will look favorably upon it. Plus, you can volunteer during the weekends or evenings and still have time for school and your career!

Internship – An internship is a great way to gain real-world experience.┬á And, you can even partake on the weekends. Not only will you gain valuable work experience that you might be able to get in the classroom, but it is a great way to network as well. It allows you to meet people who may be able to help you land a job later on.

Join a professional organization or club By joining a professional organization, it shows you are interested in furthering your career and have passion for your career outside of the workplace. Also these organizations and clubs can supply you with a steady stream of valuable industry news and information. If you are just getting started in your […]

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Lacking Motivation? Try These Tips!

BSE students is your motivation dwindling after a stressful week? Get a grip on that stress and kick bad habits by adopting the below tips to improve your motivation!

Prepare ÔÇô Set yourself up for success! Prior to a hectic week, a great tip is to prioritize your to-do list for the week Perhaps a mental checklist is the best method for you, or maybe you prefer writing things down and checking them off. No matter your method, visualizing what you want to accomplish will help you focus on getting it done.

Get an early start ÔÇô Whether you are you currently pursuing your education from Brensten Education, or currently employed and looking to make a career change, a great piece of advice is to get to school or work and GET STARTED.┬á It may be tempting to think you will have time for your tasks and goals later in the day, but chances are other things will come up and you may get pulled in different directions. Accomplish what you can EARLY!

Celebrate small victories and be realistic in your approach ÔÇô Throughout your busy week, tasks and to-do lists might start adding up. DonÔÇÖt let these things overwhelm you! Rather than being bogged down by what you have to do, start first by prioritizing. Which things need to get done first? Which can wait until later in the week? Be sure to be realistic here! Not every task can be a first priority, and not everything can be done TODAY, so set realistic goals for yourself. Take control of your to do list and be sure to celebrate when you get something done! Big or small your tasks add up, and it is OK to […]

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Considering Digital Marketing? A Social Resume is a MUST!

Social media is no longer a passing trend. With over 1 billion registered Facebook users, and 517 million Twitter users (, 100 Amazing Social Media Statistics, 2013) it is no wonder why a degree in Digital Marketing is the natural choice for students looking to ride the social media wave all while bettering their life with continued education.  The Digital Marketing program at BSE will give students real-world experience with social campaigns, web design and overall social strategy.

Along with a quality education, a resume goes hand-in-hand to successfully position the graduate for a career in Digital Marketing. However not just any typical resume will do. In order to showcase breadth and knowledge of the social space, a social resume is now a common feature for those in the marketing sphere.

What makes up a social resume?

1.     Your digital work: Include a working document with links to Dropbox, YouTube, or Prezi to display your online work. This can include videos, presentations or other online industry-related items. The goal here is to accurately depict what you are capable of in the digital space, so get innovative!
2.┬á┬á┬á┬á Include links to organizations/internships you have worked with, and make sure you include date ranges. Just like your traditional paper resume, you should include information regarding the organizations or internships you have worked with and held. The social resume is ideal to showcase your previous work experience, so include links and be prepared to talk about you experience should you get called in for an interview. A link to the organizationÔÇÖs website will provide credibility and provide you a chance to visually display what the organization or internship embodies.
3.┬á┬á┬á┬á Examine your online ÔÇ£persona.ÔÇØ Prior to you including links to your various […]

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Exploring a Career as a Computer Systems Administrator

ItÔÇÖs hard to imagine a life without computers.┬á The technology involved in computers and computer networks have come a long way since the first digital computers were first developed over 50 years ago. When thinking about the future, there is no doubt that computers and related technology will continue to shape the way we do business and communicate with each other.

As technology advances, the need for qualified professionals to run these advanced computer systems will continue to increase, which is why it may be time for you to consider a career in Information Technology!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth of Network and Computer Systems Administrators is projected to grown 28% from 2010 ÔÇô 2020, which is twice as fast as the rate of all other occupations during the same time period. A whopping 96,600 jobs are expected to be created for Network and Computer Systems Administrators by the end of this decade. Plus, the median pay for the occupation was $69,160 per year while the total of all occupations was only around $33,840.

What do they do?

Network and Computer systems administrators handle the everyday operations of their company or organizationÔÇÖs computer network. This may include organizing, installing and supporting local area networks (LANs) wide area networks (WANs) network segments, intranets, email, and other data systems.

If you are interested in the growing Information Technology field, contact Brensten Education today!  In addition to our Help Desk and Network Administration program, we offer many IT certifications including Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Service Desk Professional (SDP), Information Technology Fundamentals (BIT), or Mac OSX Support Technician (MST).

Find out how you can get started toward a rewarding new career in

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