The Help Desk/Network Administrator program offered at Brensten Education can move your career in a new direction in as little as 10 months!*
As an official Microsoft IT Academy, we have proven that we care about ensuring our students are taught the latest developments on the most innovative technology that organizations use to run smoothly and effectively. Jobs in Information Technology are in-demand, and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are expected to grow by over 25 percent through 2020!

Key Concepts include:

Computer Hardware — Understanding the hardware components of computers is a fundamental skill for any IT professional. Our program teaches students hardware assembly, module replacement, and hardware troubleshooting.

Network Troubleshooting — In today’s connected world, it seems like everything is networked together. Troubleshooting networks and connected devices is critical knowledge for anyone employed in the technology sector. Our students learn troubleshooting methodology that applies to every problem, as well as specific techniques for specific scenarios.

Client Administration — In IT a client is a device that uses resources, for example your desktop or laptop computer. Most IT workers get their start in the industry supporting clients in a business environment. This program provides in-depth knowledge of client operating systems and software, such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications.

Server Administration — A server provides resources to computers and devices on a network. Configuring, administering, and maintaining servers is a vital skill set for network and server administrators. Students in our program will learn how to install and configure server roles to provide essential services to a professional network.

Our professional faculty, comprehensive curriculum and hands-on learning environment combine to give you a well-rounded education that can grant you the confidence to succeed in the field of IT. Plus, with the skills learned in our Help Desk/Network Administrator program, you can have a solid foundation on which you can further your education to advance in the IT industry.Courses in this program include:

  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Service Desk Professional
  • MTA: Network Fundamentals
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Career Development
  • And more!
Helping people, solving problems, and working with technology are all benefits of working in the IT field. Everyday sees different issues to troubleshoot and new opportunities to learn.

This program can also prepare you to earn several valuable IT certifications which show to employers that you’re serious about success.Prove that you have what it takes to work as an IT professional with our Help Desk/Network Administrator program. Contact Brensten Education today to learn more!

*Based upon normal completion time

**Based on information gathered from U.S. Department of Labor; and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics