Brensten Education in Milwaukee, Wisconsin best school and training for digital marketing & social media
Marketing has changed more in the past 5 years than in the previous 50 years combined!

The shift in how buyers research and buy products and services has caused dramatic changes in how companies market and sell. The old way of generating leads has given way to newer “Digital Methods” that address today’s online, social media savvy, mobile and armed with information buyers.

The rise of social media, mobile web users, having information at one’s finger-tips and being able to buy without ever contacting a company representative directly is your new career opportunity as a web-based Digital Marketer or Marketing Analyst.

Click to see the wide range of positions and Big Pay in Digital Marketing. For example, Digital Content Strategists earn from $80k to $125K depending on location and experience. As you explore the various digital job titles, you’ll see that pay ranges from $35k to $241k. This is a great industry to get into and you could have a new career in as little as 10 months!

What’s exciting is this new career opportunity is still emerging and the supply of well-trained marketing automation software specialist and marketing analytics people cannot keep up with the demand that virtually every company is racing to fill because of the rapid change in how goods and services are now acquired by today’s tech savvy and social buyers.

Over 10 months attending part-time, days or evenings, the Brensten Digital Marketing boot camp presents the essential skills needed for today’s digital marketer.

NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE in Marketing is required.

As previously mentioned, every organization requires leads and marketing via the web in order to influence, demonstrate, convince and measure trends of today’s Digital customer. Brensten’s comprehensive Digital Marketing boot camp focuses on a company’s primary need of lead generation, measurement and return-on-investment.

This provides you the opportunity to still get in the ground floor in a tremendous career opportunity. Upon successful completion of the boot camp you’ll have the foundation to show future employers your ability to market to Digital customers, measure through data analysis and analytics the effectiveness of marketing and overall help an employer gain leads and customers.

Digital Marketing bootcamp includes the following technologies and topics: