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Forbes Top Jobs for 2013

No.1 Software Developers
70.872 jobs added since 2010, 7% growth

No.2 Accountants and Auditors
37,123 jobs added since 2010, 3% growth

No.3 Marketing Research Analyst and Marketing Specialist
31,335 jobs added since 2010, 10% growth
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No.4 Computer Systems Analyst
26,937 jobs added since 2010, 5% growth

No.5 Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Specialist
22,773 jobs added since 2010, 5% growth

No.6 Network and Computer Systems Administrators
70.872 jobs added since 2010, 7% growth
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No.7 Sales Representatives
17,405 jobs added since 2010, 4% growth

No.8 Information Security Analyst, Web Developers and Computer Network Architects
15,715 jobs added since 2010, 5% growth

No.9 Mechanical Engineers
13,847 jobs added since 2010, 6% growth

No.10 Industrial Engineers
12,269 jobs added since 2010, 6% growth

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Grand Rapids
Are you right or left brain?

So what is the career that your brain wants? If you are naturally creative and intuitive, you might be right-brained. If you lean more analytical or Logical, you are probably more left brained.
Left Brain Careers
Logical + AnalyticalLeft-brainers are logical and analytical. They thrive in structured environments. They smoothly articulate what they wish to communicate to others. They may even enjoy a ‘good argument’. They perform well under stress, as in job interviews, laying out the answers to the questions, in a sequential and orderly way.

Typical examples of left brained careers include: lawyers, accountants, scientists, engineers, programmers, help desk professionals, network administration professionals and bankers.


Right Brain Careers
Creative + Visual

For right-brained people, following a regimented, rigidly prescribed office routine is deadly. It goes too much against their creative free spirit. They like to imagine new possibilities, and enjoy looking at the many different angles of a problem. Inevitably, they want to try new and different ways of doing things.

Typical examples of right brained careers include: entrepreneurs, athletes, sales, artists, musicians, digital marketing and advertising creatives.

Network Administrator
10 Months: Job Skills + Certifications
17 Months: Associates Degree + Job Skills + Certifications
Affordable Education: Payments as low as $50/mo.

Student Aid, Grants, and Federal financing available for those who qualify.

A career in Network Technologies is an opprotunity to kick-start your career,
make more money and enter a field with non-stop growth potential.


You can earn…
Microsoft MTA , MCTS, MCITP, and Cisco CCNA.

Client Administration

Master the skills of client deployment, remote access, workstation troubleshooting, software installation and management.  You’ll be ready to perform disk management and maintenance.  Dive into device driver management along with application compatibility troubleshooting and management.

Network Troubleshooting

Apply network concepts and solutions. Learn how to investigate and evaluate information utilizing the appropriate research tools.

Server Administration

You’ll earn valuable Microsoft certifications and be ready to install and configure server roles to provide essential services to a professional network.

Computer Hardware

Diagnose and troubleshoot computer hardware. Learn to build and repair computers.


Get the on-going help and support you need to begin and maintain a rewarding career. From resume writing skills, practice interviews, how to present the technical skills you have gained and help in securing job interviews.

Emerging Technologies

Take emerging technologies to a new level with knowledge of cloud computing, mobile technologies and social media websites.

Computer Support

Learn the core help desk processes used by support centers and front-line technical support staff. Be ready to align your support services with the needs of businesses using globally recognized standards.

Digital Marketing
10 Months: Cutting Edge Job Skills Training
Affordable Education: Payments as low as $50/mo.

Student Aid, Grants, and Federal financing available for those who qualify.

Demand for Digital Marketing is exploding! Just ask Forbes which lists marketing
as one of the Top 10 Jobs of 2013. Think you have the creativity and ability to be
trained for this exciting career?

Social Media Marketing

Develop effective digital media campaigns using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more

Content Marketing

Learn the methodology of writing remarkable content for the web, this fresh approach will allow you to communicate clearly with your audience.


Web Analytics

Companies want to be on page one of Google’s organic search. We’ll get you the skills to do it

Video Marketing

Not only will you gain a fundamental understanding of how video plays a key role in an overall marketing strategy but you’ll also learn the video production process from concept to finished product.


Search Engine Marketing

Adwords, Search Engine Optimization and emerging technologies that turn searches into customers

Capstone Project

Putting it all together, this fully developed social media campaign will be your resume for your job search


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The Brensten Approach

Real World
Hands on Labs

When you start your new career you will be able to hit the ground running. What’s the best way to become a master? Practice, practice, practice. Our labs give you that opportunity to not just understand the material but to experience it.

On Demand

Brensten Education flips the traditional classroom on its head, and that is great for someone who doesn’t have years to spend in school but doesn’t want to sacrifice the quality of their education. At Brensten you’ll watch video instruction right from home and have the ability to watch and re-watch as many times as you want.

Instructor Led

Yes, there is a lot of information in these programs and we get it to you in a short period of time.

It’s nice to know you have the opportunity to work one on one with a lead instructor if you need the additional support.

One on One
Job Placement

Some schools provide you a bulletin board for your career services. Not here, when the time comes you will work one on one with a career services team member to aid you in your job search