Over 70 percent of current students, as well as those who have completed their education and are now successful graduates, have used financial aid and student loans to cover some or all of their education expenses. Since Brensten Education is an accredited school, our Financial Aid department has a number of packages consisting of both federal and institutional grants as well as federal, state and private loans available to those who qualify. 

These packages are tailored to each student’s financial need, and most Brensten Education students take advantage of them. Everyone’s financial aid package is unique to them. The type of package that will work best for you will be determined by the important decisions you make during this process, as well as your specific needs.

We work to ensure that you have all the information you need to make financial aid decisions that will allow you the opportunity to attend Brensten Education. We want to help you be successful and we will assist you in making decisions that will contribute to your long-term financial success.

We want to assist every student in obtaining the financial aid assistance he or she is legally entitled to receive. The student’s eligibility, the school’s packaging criteria, and the amount and types of financial aid available determine this. We take pride in having a staff that is committed to working one-on-one with every person that enters our doors to put the best financial package together for them.

To get an estimate of your tuition, visit the net price calculator.

Tuition Includes:

  • Certification testing (up to three vouchers per exam)
  • Books
  • Testing software
  • Career placement services
  • Use of facilities and resources for one and a half times the program length

Resources, including the use of facilities, are available to students, in a resource capacity, for a total of one and one-half times the program length. For example, for a 10 month program, facilities are available to the student for a total of 15 month