Brensten Education,

we understand that people are different: creative types are right brain focused and analytical types are left brain. Which are you? Learn where you fit in and how you can build a new career around what comes natural.

Logical + Analytical

Left-brainers are logical and analytical. They thrive in structured environments. They smoothly articulate what they wish to communicate to others. They may even enjoy a ‘good argument’. They perform well under stress, as in job interviews, laying out the answers to the questions, in a sequential and orderly way.

Typical examples of left brained careers include: lawyers, accountants, scientists, engineers, programmers, help desk professionals, network administration professionals and bankers.

Creative + Visual

For right-brained people, following a regimented, rigidly prescribed office routine is deadly. It goes too much against their creative free spirit. They like to imagine new possibilities, and enjoy looking at the many different angles of a problem. Inevitably, they want to try new and different ways of doing things.

Typical examples of right brained careers include: entrepreneurs, athletes, sales, artists, musicians, digital marketing and advertising creatives.