The extensive Career Services options at Brensten Education are great examples of how we can help you succeed from the moment you reach out to us. We apply a carefully designed approach to your professional development that coincides with the technical skills that our courses teach.

The first part of the process is to meet with you one-on-one to gain a better understanding of your skill level and current work situation and to assess your goals for the future. This is our first step in creating a solid plan tailored for your specific needs and aspirations.

Professional skills development

We then begin the first part of your Career Development Lab, which covers resume writing and other skills that help you get your foot in the door of companies that need your skills. During this time, we will conduct mock interviews and help you understand how to network with your peers and past employers, as well as make connections that could lead to new opportunities.

The next phase is the Professional Development Lab, which focuses on helping you stay successful once you have found your new job. During this lab, we use simulated office experiences to enhance your communication and negotiating skills in the workplace. A strong emphasis is placed on teamwork and group development that is critical to being successful on a professional IT team.

Career search assistance

Before we help start your job search, weÔÇÖll review your resume and make recommendations to ensure that you make the best possible first impression. We help students with various job search strategies, including providing leads to candidates via phone or email and submitting resumes directly to companies on your behalf. Since we strive to maintain strong relationships with employers, we often receive critical feedback that helps us continue to prepare our students for success in their organizations.

Contact Brensten Education today to learn how we can prepare you with the technical and professional skills employers need!